A Global Trade Management Tool for MSMEs

Tradeledge is a TradeTech digital tool for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in international trade, which increases visibility, efficiency, control, trust and transparency

Laptop with Tradeledge's network screen

Search and connect to trusted partners abroad

Increase your firm’s digital visibility, find trade partners, and integrate into global value chains.

Laptop with Tradeledge's trading screen

Digitally negotiate and close trade operations

Negotiate and agree on trade terms (like price, quantity, Incoterm, payment period, etc.) with a simple click.

Laptop with Tradeledge's track screen

Keep an auditable track record of your trade activity

Demonstrate your performance to banks, insurers and other partners, building a solid reputation as an importer or exporter.

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Making trade more trustable, efficient and transparent

Make meaningful networking

Like you do in a social network, your firm will find relevant information on potential trade partners and digitally interact with them, building trust.

Save time and avoid misunderstandings

Instead of negotiating a deal through countless e-mails, phone calls or whatsapp messages, you can agree on all the trade terms through a single and intuitive interface, updated automatically each time that a party changes a term.

Show your performance

Transparency and sustainability across supply chains is becoming increasingly important. In Tradeledge, you will keep a fully auditable track record of your trade operations, which can be made accessible to financiers, insurers, etc.

A tool designed for MSMEs

Grow and conquer new territories

We understand that you aspire for more. More markets for your exports; more sources of raw materials or semi-manufactured products. Tradeledge connects you with those.

Increase access to finance and insurance

Trade finance and trade insurance are difficult to access for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs); the smaller, the harder. With Tradeledge, you’ll keep an auditable track record of your trade operations that will show your true level of creditworthiness and risk, making your life easier with banks, insurance companies, etc.

An affordable yet powerful tool

While large companies work with sophisticated enterprise software like ERP and SCM, that is usually too expensive for MSMEs. Tradeledge will offer affordable packages for firms of various sizes and needs, with a free entry subscription.

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A truly digital trade interaction

Take advantage of a digital ID

Tradeledge will provide your firm with a cryptographic digital identity, compatible with DLT platforms. This will allow it to seamlessly interact in increasingly digital trade ecosystems.

Integrate into digital global value chains

In a post-COVID world, global value chains (GVCs) have embraced digitalization to levels no one expected. Our tool will help your firm to keep pace with and integrate into these GVCs, helping it to grow in both profitability and international presence.

Control your trade data

Data is being called the “new oil”. Tradeledge will enable your firm to keep control of the data generated as a result of its trade activity. This data will be owned and taken advantage of by your firm, not by others that pay nothing for it.

Tradeledge is being developed at the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, part of Germany’s Digital Hub Initiative.

As true believers in Design Thinking, we are actively reaching out to importers, exporters, logistic providers, financiers, etc. in order to gain a deep understanding of their needs and objectives, as well as to continuously receive feedback on our tool’s early versions.

We look forward to hearing from your firm. Please drop us a message here.